Winter Landscape

single channel video, mono sound, three acrylic screens, 12'48", loop
19”x 10” x 3” inches

A still life-like portrait of a contemporary winter landscape.

Based on
Flemish and Dutch Renaissance paintings of winter landscapes filled with peoples' intertwined stories enjoying the snow at their town's heart, this timeless human landscape happens 450 years later in Brooklyn, NY.

Sánchez references painting obliquely by rear-projecting a hazy, sepia-filtered long shot of Brooklyn's Prospect Park onto the semi translucent surface of three adjoining plexiglas panels. The triptych is painted with a thin layer of white acrylic and rests on a shelf suspended just below eye level. Sanchez's piece at first resembles a tableau that has been evacuated of human figures, save a flickering in the distance. And yet, when an adult and a child enter the frame from the foreground, the video suddenly depicts a present-tense actuality, and the details of their pink and red winter clothing abruptly destabilize the distanced view.
- Solveig Nelson,  ARTFORUM, December 2013