Quisiera ser tan alta como la luna vI
(i wish i was as tall as the moon)


83" x 6" x 6"

I wish I was as tall as the moon (VI) is part of a multi-faceted project exploring the beauty of believing we can achieve anything we dream of, and the danger such motivation entails. 

A life-size sculpture of a symbolic body linking an outstretched arm to a fully extended leg, -the only necessary limbs for the restless action of reach up to the moon-. A frozen-in-time gesture that represents the state of constant fragile stability that defines the condition of emerging artists today.

I wish I was as tall as the moon
hey! hey!,
as the moon,

as the moon

Reads the opening chorus of an old folk children's Spanish song. Most of my female Spanish generation have played at some point under the la-la-la of this song. Such lines have always resonated with me, representing the vital capacity of children to dream big. But this state of mind also has its dark side, making us more fragile and subject to fall from our projected heights and get caught in a spiral of professional ambition and human perfection.