Ojos que no ven
(what the eye sees not)

single channel video, 03'30"

Voice over text sources:
“Of Hinting With The Eyes” by Ibn Hazm (1022)
“Confessions” St. Augustine of Hippo ( AD 397)

In Ibn Hazm's text the eyes are a social tool, romantic and physical. A sensual, positive and joyful exploration that speaks to the human nature of desire. Saint Augustine’s text, on the contrary, develops his concept of the "the lust of the eyes", where the eyes act as sinful attractors of visual and ephemeral pleasures that confuse our attention and reason. In turn, the image denies the words, unveiling a face with no eyes, eyes like walls –impossible to go through-, eyes that look out of frame -which will never return our gaze-. What is it to see? and to be blind?