Single channel video, 01'00", 2007
Digital photography series, 2006-2008

When an intimate space half-opens before the stranger’s eye, a tension appears between both spheres. The window works as a threshold. It is so inviting that it arouses curiosity to discover its hidden side. The key point is the interval of the border, where public space dies and private space starts… where for just a moment both coexist

“The lamp in the window is the eye of the house. In the realm of imagination, the lamp never switches on outside. It is a confined light that can only leak out to the exterior. Because of it, the house waits. The lamp is the sign of a great wait […] Through the light of the distant house, the house sees, stays awake, watches, waits.”  - Gaston Bachelard “The Poetics of the Space"


Madrid, 2006-2008

Chicago, 2008